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Mommies Overcoming Doubt

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What is M.O.D? 

Mommies Overcoming Doubt is a 12 week program that focuses on helping mothers navigate life after birth.  

Program Information: *Single Session $25.00

   *Complete Program $350.00 

*Can be done in order or client can select individual sessions*

Fourth Trimester Focus 

Week 1 - Following up on your labor and birth experience

Week 2 - Healing and recovery (Vaginal Care, Episiotomy Care, C-Section Incision Care)

Week 3 - Breastfeeding and/or formula feeding (milk supply, engorgement, feeding schedule)

Week 4 - Building a bond with your baby (Bonding with your baby and essential newborn care)

Week 5 - Exercise and nutrition after delivery

Week 6 - Sleep (Creating a sleep routine and learning to sleep when baby sleeps)

Week 7 - Pelvic floor health (healing your pelvic floor)

Week 8 - Learning to cope (dealing with anxiety, finding patience, taking care of yourself)

Week 9 - Emotional support (Baby Blues vs Postpartum Depression)

Week 10 - Letting go (dealing with shame, fear, and what motherhood is "supposed" to look like

Week 11 - Maintaining relationships (including others in your postpartum journey)

Week 12 - Finding support (knowing when to reach out/finding support when you have none)

Do you want to become part of the M.O.D Squad? Please contact me to find out how I can help you!

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