The Top Three Benefits of an Herbal Sitz Bath for Postpartum Healing.

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Having a baby is such a blessing but it can put some major wear and tear on your body. You can have some heavy bleeding and a lot of discomfort in the first few days which is why trying an herbal sitz bath could help aid in the relaxation and recovery process. Why try an herbal sitz bath? Different herbs are known to help with so many things when it comes to healing. Some herbs are known to have anti-bacterial properties and others offer anti-inflammatory properties which are huge help during the postpartum period. There are several herbs that can be used.

Rosemary, Thyme, and Sage are good antibacterial herbs. For inflammation, St. John's Wart can be used. With that being said said let's jump into the benefits that of an herbal sitz bath.

Helps ease the pain

Many women that have had babies can tell you that the pain down there isn't fun after you've pushed out a tiny human. I've delivered four girls and my last three were over eight pounds. I can tell you that my perineum really hurt after all of that stretching. A sitz bath can help relieve the pain by relaxing the muscles. Just soak in warm water a few inches deep for 20 minutes and feel the pain easing from your body.

Reduces the risk of infection

Using an herbal sitz bath can help reduce the risk of infection by keeping the perineum clean. After your have a baby, some women find it difficult to really clean their lower regions like they really want to. A sitz bath can help clean the area when you can't.


I've never had the pleasure of having them but I've heard the stories from women who have. Hemorrhoids happen when the veins in your rectum swell. They can be either internal or external and the external can be painful. Almost 50% of women get postpartum hemorrhoids, that quite a bit of new moms. A sitz bath can reduce the swelling and discomfort that comes with them.

So if you can give an herbal sitz bath a try. If you aren't too sure about the herbs or you don't have access to any, you can also do an epsom salt sitz bath. This can help in the same way the herbs can. You deserve to heal, relax, and be healthy. Until next time, sending you peace, love, and light.

Tiffany Underwood Certified Health Coach Prenatal Consultant

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